3 Tips on how to create a DIY bouquet

Planning to create an amazing bouquet? What are the basic rules of flower composition? Find out some handy tips on how to create a wonderful bouquet within minimum a of time and with no efforts

Creating a DIY bouquet: tips and tricks

The flowers are surely one of the most beautiful and pleasant presents for almost any occasion. Furthermore, they can help you to create an outstanding décor and make an event simply unforgettable. If you are planning to create a bouquet of flowers by yourself, you will surely need to follow some basic rules of experienced florists.

  • Start with the base. Choose a couple of flowers and bunch their stems together. Wrapping then with a floral tape is highly recommended – it will prevent your bouquet from falling apart. Leave approximately 5 inches of exposed stem at the bottom.
  • Add flowers to create a bunch. Try different colors and textures to create a perfect combination. Use floral type each time you add new flowers.
  • Wrap your bouquet until the floral tape is covered and pin to fix the ribbon. Avoid wrapping too close to the flowers’ heads.

Although creating a bouquet might seem easy from the first glance, most beginners might face difficulties when creating a professional bouquet. However, you can visit canada flowers site and place an order for creating an astonishing bouquet for any occasion.  All bouquets are created by experienced florists.

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