How push notifications are useful

Push messages are an effective marketing tool for applications. They double the return and involvement of users. They timely notify subscribers about news and current articles, sales and promotional offers, etc. When used correctly, they boost the traffic of the site and bring many other benefits.

Why do you need push notifications?

Push notifications can increase the return of users to the mobile application by more than 2 times.

Among users who agreed to receive messages from the application, push notifications increased the average return rate in the 90-day period by 180%. And the return rate in the 30- and the 60-day period was increased by 125 and 150%, respectively.

At the same time, Android devices are ahead of iOS in terms of the number of consents to receive information from the application: it is 78% for Android and only 46% for iOS. In general, the return rate for push notifications is 62%.

Be sure to come up with the push notification strategy for your application, assign a responsible person, develop reporting, and implement. Almost for any application, there are good strategies to push messages:

  • Online store: alerts on the status of the order, a personal selection of goods, promotions and sales for interesting products, unusual goods in the catalog
  • Radio: the broadcast of your favorite programs
  • Cellular operator: low balance, the ability to optimize spending on communication (new options, stocks)
  • Bank: operations on the card, a variant of a beneficial deposit (suitable for a particular depositor)
  • Airline: reminders of the departure of the aircraft

Push notifications timely notify subscribers about news and current articles. But not all subscribers can be interested in the same material. The decision is to use advanced segmentation mechanisms, divide subscribers into interest groups and send each relevant article. Note that the main essence of the material can be read in the notification – this is the main convenience for your readers. Therefore, a CTR of 5–8%, which is not so high compared to e-commerce, for example, should not worry you.

About 250,000 sites are already using the new push monetization technology. It provides space for creativity, a wide choice of segmentation, and targeting mechanisms. In this case, the inability to send spam and fraud with user data makes the technology really progressive.

It is important to remember that the launch and filling of push notifications are regulated by a person – 90% of the success depends on you. Use it wisely and get the right feedback.

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