Trade with Trodax

To enable our service to do transactions operations on your own, you need to provide access to your account (API key).To read more, please visit

It means while the system is working you don’t need to do other operations in this exchange at the same time. Otherwise, the current service operation will not be performed. Anyway, at your discretion, you can reset any actions at any time or wait until all service transactions are completed and then do it your own (for example, withdrawals). If you want to restart the service for making other operations, please register additional accounts for transactions on the exchanges. Trodax does not have access to your withdrawals and transfers. It conducts purchase or sale of cryptocurrency through the API.

Know more about API keys

The API keys are encrypted. The system doesn’t keep your API keys in open access in the database. The encrypted keys use advanced algorithms, preventing fraudsters from using them even when a database will be theft. Thus, only you have full control over your funds. The server on which the API keys are stored does not have any external IP address to be accessible from the Internet. In this way, all of your passwords are secured. They are stored on the cloud, and each of them has its own algorithm. Security for Trodax at first.

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