Top 5 rock albums for 2018

Looking for some awesome rock music for a perfect mood? In this article, you will find a list of the greatest rock albums of the world known artists for 2018. Enjoy listening to the best music with absolutely no efforts.

Best rock albums in 2018

Rock music is the favorite music style for millions of people. However, picking up quality and energetic rock music might be still challenging. Here we’ve collected top 7 rock albums, recorded by the famous artists in 2018 that are likely to be enjoyed by most rock lovers. By the way, you can download free popular songs and dive in the world of best rock music in a matter of seconds.

  1. Amen Dunes, Freedom. This is one of the most outstanding albums from our list. Hypnotic rock, wandering melodies and ethereal funk are all combined by Amen Dunes.
  2. Beach House, 7. If you are keen on pre-apocalyptic music, this option is right for you. Aggressive, forceful and powerful guitar solos will amaze even the most demanding rock enthusiasts.
  3. Boygenius, Boygenius EP. This album will surely suit most indie-rock fans. Absolute harmony and strong vocals offer incredible listening experience.
  4. The Breeders, All Nerve. Amazing sound, classic rock and scraggly guitars are all about the crew’s music style. Just enjoy.
  5. Cat Power, Wanderer. Warm-hearted, pleasant and easy light rock melodies will surely make your day. Hushed piano, soft vocal and whisper are the key features of Cat Power band.

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