Antivirus software as something irreplaceable

Nowadays, computer security cannot be underestimated. If you lose your personal data, logins, and passwords, everything stops. This can make problems in different spheres of life – from personal to business spheres.

Basic rules for safety on your computer

You should follow the basic rules that will keep your data safe. The basic thing should be a good antivirus program installed on the gadget that you use. This is especially true when using a computer on the Windows operating system connected to the Internet. The antivirus program should protect you from data theft, malware, and viruses. For reliable protection, you should regularly update the antivirus program and follow the principles of safe behavior on the Internet. You should never respond to emails from unknown addresses, open attaches in spam, or download data from unreliable sources.

Antivirus software is a kind of software that finds and removes viruses and other malware located on a computer. It works in two ways:

  • Scans files on a local disk and tries to find a structure that is identical or similar to computer viruses. They have a virus database that is constantly updating
  • Focuses attention on identifying suspicious behavior from any computer programs. This may mean that the program is infected.

If the antivirus detects an “infection”, it tries to delete the file and place it in quarantine so that the virus cannot spread. The success depends on the update of virus databases for the specific software.

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