Main reasons why you still need to use a screensaver

Do you still need to use a screensaver? Is it still important or it’s just a shadow from the past? Find detailed information why most people are still using screensavers on their modern PCs and laptops

Main reasons for using a screensaver

What is a screensaver? It is a specially developed tool that makes the screen of your computer blank or fills it in with a certain picture or animation. Screensavers were incredibly popular during the era of CRT monitors in 2000s. However, we are now living in the age of smartphones, tablets and LCD monitors. Do you still need to use a screensaver for your machine? Why do most people still use screensavers?

  1. For locking access to the computers. Using screensaver can easily help you to prevent unauthorized entrée to your machine when you are away. Your laptop or PC will fall into the sleep mode and forbid any access by third parties with a screensaver. Therefore, you can easily protect your computer and lock your screen using a lovely screensaver.
  2. For meeting personal preferences. Many people got used to screensavers and simply can’t imagine their work without this handy tool. Furthermore, choosing a bright and extraordinary screensaver might be really enjoyable.

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